WhisperPower partners with Kraken Power to expand its footprint in North America

WhisperPower, a leading global manufacturer of low- and zero-emission power systems for marine, mobile, and off-grid markets, has partnered with Kraken Power -the power division of Euramco Group- to grow the business in North America. Euramco has set the standard in the industrial and marine markets for specialized power and ventilation systems for over 50 years. They have built a world-class network of certified sales, service, and support partners who have become the industry’s gold standard in providing exceptional customer support.

Beginning September 1, 2022, the Kraken Power division, will expand the WhisperPower marine and mobile offerings into the North American market to provide the ultimate level of customer satisfaction that WhisperPower customers expect.

“Our customers demand the highest level of technical support and responsiveness from our sales and service teams. We plan to expand these capabilities to WhisperPower customers through our growing network. Service-first has been the foundation of our company’s success for over half a century”, said CEO of Kraken Power Zach Allen (on the right side of the photo).

Since 2007, WhisperPower has developed a broad range of power systems—from low-emission generators up to 40 kW, to zero-emission lithium battery systems, and associated power electronics for charging and converting power within these systems. WhisperPower is unique in its ability to offer complete power systems all from the same brand.

Kraken Power, from their distribution sites in Florida and California, will manage the sales, distribution, and support of the complete WhisperPower product portfolio through a growing network of service providers, installers, and OEMs across North America.

In recent years, WhisperPower has earned highly coveted supply contracts for power systems from Saab Defense for US DoD deployable containerized platforms, the US navy, and many boat builders of commercial and recreational craft in the world. Princess Yachts has been added to the customer list for the supply of diesel generators and advanced hybrid power systems allowing night silence A/C use. WhisperPower is becoming a popular brand due to the high-class standard of the product, the low audible noise level, and the ability to combine the generator with innovative zero-emission/ night silence hybrid solutions.

The partnership will facilitate growth across North America in all market verticals. “With channel management and support contact now within the customer’s time zone, as well as inventory in both Florida and California, this partnership has the potential to massively expand WhisperPower’s footprint on this side of the Atlantic—and our sales and technical teams at Kraken Power are excited to bring these top-shelf products to our customers”, explained Zach Allen of Kraken Power.