Kraken Charging Hub

-3000W/100A/50A 12V/100Ah


  • Zero-Emission
  • “Plug & Play” instalation

Designed to simplify electrical design for apparatus which are equipped with the latest battery-powered tools. Favoring AC power for lower current at faster charge times, the charging hub takes AC input from inverter or AC shore power, to distribute to various battery chargers and AC outlets.



Under Voltage Alarm

Under Voltage Shutdown

AC Output Circuit Panel included: 120 VAC Main + 2 Positions

Internal fuses to protect user and components


Panel mount Battery Monitor. 2″ Round

Panel mount Battery Disconnect Rocker Switch

PRO//connect Bluetooth Connectivity, Monitoring & Diagnostics

Battery Charging:

Shore Power: 100A MAX

Alternator: 50A

Configurable to Flooded / Gel / AGM / LiFeP04


AC Output Power: 3.000W Pure Sinewave

AC Outout Current: 25A

AC Surge Power (Peak): 6,000W

Output Voltage/Frequency: 120 VAC / 60 Hz

Nominal Input Voltage: 12.8 VDC

AC Transfer Switch:

Transfer Time: < 30 ms

AC Input Source Setting: 15/20/30A

AC Output: 30A MAX